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Important Information

Alrighty, so I kinda left LJ for quite some time and this community has been unmoderated. Just for anyone wanting to know, this is Britni Morgan ( morganfaithful). Anyways, I updated the moderators so me and Beth ( alluringclicheand bethzc) have access from our new accounts, and have been moderating some old posts.

Important Information Regarding Spoilers: I realize this community isn't updated too often, but I would like to ask that for those who are posting anything related to Book 7 under a cut containing the word SPOILERS. This is just to not ruin the book for those who have not yet finished it. I ask that everyone continue to do so through September or so. That should give adequate time for all members to read the book. You must remember that not everyone reads the book in one or two days like you may have.

Also, I will be looking for a third moderator who would be willing to help me in the task of making new layouts along with other goodies for the community. If you'd just leave a comment as to why you think you should be chosen, that'd be great. It'll probably be helpful if I already know/trust you too, but I don't yet know how I will pick the moderator. I really am hoping Anna or Rachel will read this and volunteer, but anyone can volunteer and may possibly get the position. New: Please go to this entry and apply for being a moderator. Thank you.
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