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Ginny_fans Rules

Community Rules

  1. Respect everyone - this means the members, and the maintainers!
  2. No fighting. Don't start one and don't participate in one. I reccomend not bashing Ginny, as all this will do is create a fight - all members against you. And you'll be the one getting the warning, not them.
  3. No advertisements. Text links, and or graphic links are not allowed here. The post needs to have some content. We're not a promotions community.
  4. If you are a posting a link to a competetion etc. in another community or on a website, describe the competition & don't just post a link.
  5. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Respect their opinion, it's alright to disagree, but no need to be rude, harsh, or criticize them for it.
  6. Try to stay active, this place can get pretty dead at times. If you come up with something the community can do to get more participation, contact xo_bellefille. Feel free to promote us as well, it takes the burden off of Bethie and I.
  7. Have fun and remember what I said the day that I came here - TOGETHER WE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!

Follow these rules. You get 2 warnings, and then you're banned. Think before you act. There's nothing I can do, I'm just making sure this place doesn't get out of hand.
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