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Ginny's Punishment

Name: Slytherinjunkie
Story Title: Ginny's Punishment
Character/Relationships: Ginny/Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: BDSM, COMPLETE, Dom, Fingering, Humil, M/F, Minor, PWP, Spank
Summary: After Headmaster Snape took over the school, he began to take advantage of his students as well.
Disclaimer: These characters and this world is rightfully JK's world. I own nothing but the smutty part of the fic :D


The sound of wood hitting soft flesh resonated throughout the room.

The young witch bending over the large mahogany desk, her knickers around her ankles, the bottom of her skirt resting at her hips, didn’t utter a sound at the impact of the wooden paddle hitting the plump tissue of her bottom.


The dark wizard delivering the blows wasn’t surprised at the lack of sound from the young woman. He knew from experience that she was stubborn when it came to submitting to him.


The young woman bit her lip. Her bottom was throbbing. She didn’t have to glance over her shoulder to know that it was bright pink from the strikes.


“This is your third time in my office this week Miss Weasley.”


“Every week I have to listen to the Carrows complain about your big mouth.”


“And even though you can barely sit after you come down from my office—”


“—you continue to be disobedient.”


“One would think that you … enjoyed my punishments.”


I feel nothing.

Ginny let out a whimper of pain at Headmaster Snape’s insistent paddling.

As soon as Snape heard her cry, he set the wooden paddle down. He gently rubbed Ginny’s ass cheeks with his pale hands.

I feel nothing.

Ginny moaned at the combination of sensations that came from his gentle caresses.

Snape continued to touch her, outlining her ass cheeks with his fingers, moving it down her ass crack and close to the moist lips of her pussy where her clitoris rested. He stilled his finger there, just barely wiggling it on her clit before moving it away.

He continued to tease her, drawing close to her hard clit before moving his hand away.

He was waiting. And he knew it wouldn’t be long before he got what he wanted.

I feel nothing.

Ginny began to shake, her knees bending, her lip bleeding from the pressure of her teeth biting into it.

I feel nothing.

Please,” she whimpered in defeat, thrusting her ass into his hands.

Snape smirked.

Firmly groping one of her ass cheeks into one of his hands, Snape spread Ginny’s pussy lips wide. He gently pushed his finger into her moist heat.

Adding a second finger and curling them so that they touched her sweet spot, Snape began to move them vigorously within Ginny’s body. He continued to squeeze her bright red ass cheek, knowing that it was adding to the intensity of her pleasure.

Ginny clutched the desk, unable to keep silent or still. She panted, moving her hips into his hands. The pain and pleasure combined into an intensity that set her nerves into spasming frenzy.

I feel nothing.

“Oh sweet Circe please don’t stop,” she begged.

Snape continued to finger her, his own cock responding to the way her pussy hugged his fingers.

He knew when she was close. He always knew.

Her back would arch, squeaks would escape from her beautiful, full lips, and her pussy would begin to flood with her desire.

When this all started to occur, Snape pulled his fingers away.

Ginny let out a frustrated moan.

“You greasy git! Why’d you stop?”

One hard slap on her ass cheeks with the paddle from Snape quickly quieted her down.

Snape unbuttoned his robes, his cock springing free. Moving closer to Ginny, he grabbed both of her hips.

He stroked her hips, his hand caressing one spot in particular; a permanent scar in the shape of a doe. It was the first and only mark he had ever left on Ginny Weasley—and he made sure no amount of magic would ever remove it.

Snape refocused on the situation at hand. He squeezed the base of his cock, rubbing the head against her clit. After hearing her begging for a few long seconds, he took mercy on her and pushed into her body.

I feel nothing.

“Oh … oh gods,” Ginny moaned, clutching the edge of her desk with her hands.

Snape wasted no time waiting for Ginny to get used to his size.

He began to roughly thrust into her, gaining great satisfaction from the squeaks that came from her lips.

For Ginny, the thrust were both pleasurable and painful.

And with Snape’s clothing rubbing against the abused flesh of her bottom, the knot in her belly began to tighten considerably.

“Say my name,” Snape ordered, his breath coming out in pants.


Snape picked up the paddle once again.


“Professor,” Ginny screeched.


“You know very well that is not my name.”


Ginny was so close to reaching her peak; she could almost taste it in her mouth. Her entire body was burning with pain and pleasure, and the hairs on her arms and legs standing up.

I feel nothing.


“I’m waiting Weasley.”

She hated the way he made her feel, the way he made her body betray her, the way he conditioned her to enjoy the pain with the pleasure. She hated the way she always gave into him.

And even more, she hated how much she needed him.


Snape dropped the paddle, ignoring it as it fell to the ground. He sped up his thrust once again. It took less than ten seconds for Ginny to arch her back and let out a loud scream.

I feel nothing.

Ginny fell onto the desk limply, letting the sweet tremors carry her into darkness.

'I feel nothing.'
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