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Drabbles- Seven Years of Ginny Weasley

Title:Seven Years of Ginny Weasley
Author: darias_boots
Characters/Pairing: Ginny/Michael, Ginny/Dean, Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Tom, and Just Plain Ginny.
Rating: R
Length: 1,122
Summary: A series of 10 linked drabbles about Ginny Weasley

Hero (Ginny, Harry)
She wonders absently, down here amongst the stone and the carved snakes and the ink drops on the floor, if her tears came through the diary, and if Tom laughed at all the things she wrote. Her tears have dried, now, but she can’t stop shaking

‘Ginny,’ says Harry, holding out a blood-grime-ink-streaked-hand to her. She smiles up at him; he is the hero from all the stories her mother read her when she was little. It doesn’t occur to her that she’s still little, still far too young to worship a knight in shining armour. She does so nonetheless.

Trust (Ginny)
Mum puts her to bed, tucks her in, sits down and strokes her wet hair.

‘He won’t hurt you anymore, Ginny,’ she says. Ginny starts to cry, feeling like that’s all she’s done today.

‘I thought he was my friend,’ she says. ‘I told him everything.’ She still doesn’t understand how her Tom could be Lord Voldemort like Harry Potter says.

‘There are still good people in the world,’ Mum says. Ginny nods. Fred and George are standing in the doorway, grimfaced and concerned. Her brothers will always be there for her; good people, the best. Just like Harry Potter.

Power (Ginny/Michael)
Michael Corner is surprisingly polite when he asks her if she wants to come with him to Hogsmeade. He says that if she wouldn’t mind, he’d like to take her to the Shrieking Shack, because the view is astounding if you only know where to look.

In the Shack he slips an arm around Ginny’s waist. When she doesn’t flinch he kisses her, presses up against her, pins her to the wall, puts his hands on her. She lets him get just far enough that he thinks she’ll let him fuck her then makes him stop; finally, she feels powerful.

Chains (Ginny)
“‘I didn’t want anyone to talk to me,’ said Harry, who was feeling more and more nettled.

‘Well, that was a bit stupid of you,’ said Ginny angrily,’ seeing as you don’t know anyone but me who’s been possessed by You-Know-Who, and I can tell you how it feels.’

Harry remained quite still as the impact of these words hit him. Then he turned on the spot to face her.

‘I forgot,’ he said.

‘Lucky you,’ said Ginny coolly.” (Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, pp. 441-442)

Hermione, Ron and Harry excitedly discuss how it’s impossible that Voldemort is possessing Harry. They don’t notice Ginny’s glazed eyes. Sirius tramps past, singing; the three of them go to join him, leaving Ginny behind, little girl lost.

She’s back in the Chamber of Secrets, terrified by this new Tom who is so full of scorn for her. The memories threaten to drown her but then she realises: it’s time to let go. Then she stands, proud, tall and yet still a little delicate, throwing away the old chains of Tom Riddle’s hold on her. It’s time to grow up.

Love (Ginny/Dean)
The first boy to tell Ginny Weasley he loves her is Dean Thomas. He blurts it out without pomp or circumstance and she smiles because it’s so…so Dean. And then her smile dies on her face when he say, ‘so…do you want to?’ and puts a hot hand on her thigh.

‘You don’t need to lie to me to get me into bed,’ she says angrily.

‘I wasn’t!’ he says, then looks at her expression and shrugs. ‘Fine, I was lying.’

‘That’s better,’ says Ginny, and lets him take her to bed anyway, because, loveless, it means nothing to her.

Hands part 1 (Ginny/Dean)
Why are his hands trembling, she wonders, when he’s the one making her quiver all over just by running his fingertips over her exposed hipbones? Why are his lips so far away, when she’s aching to be kissed? Does he know how much she’s longing for him to press her up against the wall?

How is it that when he cries out in that delicious, painful passion that comes with orgasm, she knows he’s not thinking of her? And why, dear god why is it that lying there next to Dean Thomas, Ginny Weasley still wants, still needs Harry Potter?

Better (Ginny/Dean, Tom/Ginny)
‘Am I better than him?’ asks Dean Thomas, attempting to smirk, something he doesn’t do well. Ginny flutters her eyelashes in mock-coquetry.

‘Michael’s got nothing on you,’ she says, and moves in for a kiss, rubbing up against his body and feeling his cock harden in response. She wonders if he’s really referring to Michael at all.

She wonders if Dean thinks the reason she wasn’t a virgin is because she’s slept with Michael Corner. Memories rush back, of a dark dank underground room, a little girl curled up in a sobbing bloody heap. She shuts the memories away quickly.

Hands part 2 (Ginny/Dean)
She feels his hands on her all too often. She feels them even when he’s not in the room, when she’s alone in bed at night. She can’t shake off the feelings of revulsion anymore. Dean thinks she’s his to fuck any time he chooses; it’s gone on for far too long.

When he pushes her through the portrait hole, she finally snaps.

‘Don’t touch me!’ she hisses. He backs away, looking amused, infuriating her.

‘Sorry, Gin,’ he say, smiling without apology.

‘It’s over,’ she says, and storms off to the shower, to scrub away the feeling of his hands.

Chase Her (Ginny/Harry)
Her hand goes out and there it is; the Quidditch cup (in the form of a snitch) trapped helplessly in her fist. The crowd cheers wildly, but she doesn’t notice, or give a damn. She lands, races to the changing rooms, disentangles herself from her robes, sprints to the Common Room where somehow the party has already begun, and searches for him.

He’s late, of course, but eventually the portrait swings open and Harry Potter stands there with his messy hair and looks straight at her. Then, finally, she’s in his arms, and has a kiss ever been more perfect?

Four Years of Ginny Weasley (Ginny/Michael, Ginny/Dean, Ginny/Harry)
When she was in Fourth Year, Michael Corner threw Ginny Weasley against a stone wall and kissed her so violently that her lip bled.

When she was in Fifth Year, Ginny Weasley pulled Dean Thomas on to the bed and told him to fuck her, hard.

When she was in Sixth Year, Voldemort’s voice echoed in the halls of Hogwarts and Ginny Weasley cringed at the memory of Tom Riddle.

When she was in Seventh Year, Harry Potter took Ginny Weasley to bed, undressing her like she was precious, and she smiled and decided it was time to be loved.

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