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(fic) harry potter, [trans girl!] ginny weasley, pg, 3k w

Title: got that sunshine
Summary: Ginny has faith in who she is; she's just not quite sure if the magic knows. But Hogwarts always provides for its students, and unicorns respond best to a young woman's touch.
And Luna Lovegood is always there.
Char/Pair: Ginny and Ron friendship! Ginny and Molly parent-child things, and Molly quickly accepting her first daughter :) Ginny and Hermione friendship, Ginny's crush on Harry escaping no one, and Ginny and Luna queerplatonic friendship
Genre: character study, family, friendship
Rating: PG
A/N: See author's notes on AO3

( Ginny had felt quite right with herself all her life, staring at her mother when she was grouped off with her brothers, preferring keeping to herself. )
Tags: fanfiction, ginny
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