akissinacrisis (akissinacrisis) wrote in ginny_fans,

‘Shuttered’, Sirius/Ginny, 15+

Title: Shuttered
Ship: Sirius/Ginny
Summary: Do you remember his eyes, Harry? Ginny tells her husband about a past lover. Canon compliant.
Rating: 15+. Flagged for adult concepts.
Warnings: This is a canon-compliant Sirius/Ginny story, and as such, is set in Order of the Phoenix, when Ginny was fourteen and Sirius was approximately thirty-five and thus will not be of interest to everyone. It is a story for adults; it contains sexual content but nothing too explicit and as such I’ve rated it as 15+. Consensual.
Word Count: 2261

As often happens with rarepairs, I’ve cross-posted this in many tiny little communities; I’m sorry if you’ve seen it a bazillion times!

I’m sorry I told you Dean was the first. He wasn’t; that was a lie. I’m sorry.
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